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Melba Books is a referral service that helps end users weed through the "sea of information" and locate the books and information they need most! We profile and abstract new and exciting books on such topics as job hunting, resume writing, weight loss, business management, science and nature and sport history. Melba Books believes that no book "stands on its own" in the sea of knowledge. That is why when we profile a book, we build selective links to other books that cover the same topic. This provides the reader the ability to "virtually" stand in front of a book shelf and view related books without having to "dig" through unrelated information. We also offer resource guides on such topics as job hunting, resume writing and management.

More About Us

Melba Books is named after the famous Australian Opera singer "Dame Melba". Read more about her fascinating life and career here. It is also named for the railroad siding of Melba, Saskatchewan. When the Canadian Pacific Railway came through the Canadian prairies they developed a siding at the foot of the beautiful Coteau Hills about 50 miles west of Moose Jaw. While there, the railway cook sang beautiful songs each evening for entertainment. The workers thought she sounded like "Dame Melba" and the small railway siding became formally known afterwards as "Melba".

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